Vipharm was established in 2011, by professionals, to promote and market high-quality products, and adapted to the health and to the well-being of the family. 

Our vocation remains the same today: propose an effective alternative with products of high quality, appreciated and known by the medical profession and accessible to the largest number.

The approach of the direction and the team of Vipharm is to go beyond the simple imported product, by providing the doctor and his patient a real solution to a real need, a quality and an efficiency which shall meet the expectations of everyone by justifying it by the fact that only these two assets make the difference. This is and will always be our strategy of development.

Key players, synergistic and critical to success:
  1. The doctor for product awareness.

  2. The pharmacist for his advice in pharmacies.

  3. The consumer, for his request.

Our experiences
Distribution - 10 years
Import - 10 years
The Sale - 20 years
The representation - 20 years
Services & Products